Using Fiverr for SEO: Should You?

In my previous article (Is SEO bullshit?) I wrote about cheap SEO services, in particular, the type of services you can find on Fiverr.

Not one to do things half-assed, I decided to do a proper analysis (even if shallow) of the SEO services you can find on Fiverr, how much do they cost, etc.

Let’s dig in.

What is Fiverr and how does it work?

Fiverr is (self)described as a “freelance services marketplace for businesses” – in other words, it’s a website that connects businesses (anyone really) with freelancers offering digital services in more than 250 categories. It’s one of the best and most famous examples of what we are calling the gig economy.

The freelancer market is a $1.28 trillion industry in the US alone so it’s bound to attract every type of professional for any kind of industry, including, you can guess, SEO.

As someone that (also) provide SEO services as a freelancer, I can honestly say that I met an worked with amazing freelancers, even ones that I found on Fiverr but you still need to be careful when looking for people there.

Is Fiverr good for SEO?

On Fiverr you can find SEO gigs that cover pretty much all the search engine optimization you’ll need, ranging from on-page optimization (titles and descriptions) to link building (using both black & white hat techniques) and other related services such as content writing and SEO audits.  

Does this mean you should look for SEO services on Fiverr? It depends.

Let me explain: while you can find many quality SEO professionals on Fiverr (I work with great people I found there), you do need prior knowledge and experience to be able to determine:

  1. Does this service really help with SEO?
  2. Do I need this service? Do I need this now?
  3. Does this professional offer quality service?

If you don’t know enough about SEO and how Google works, save your money; you’ll probably end up hiring someone that: a) won’t help you, and b) might even hurt your website. Instead, try first learning more about it so you can slowly start recognizing the BS…

So why do people look for SEO services on Fiverr? Cost.

If you are a small business owner, you have a limited budget so you obviously try to find cost-saving solutions…and Fiverr appears to be a great solution to this.

But is it really?

How much do SEO services cost?

Ahrefs did some research on the pricing of SEO services and this is some of their findings (data for the US market only):

  • SEO Agencies charge U$134 per hour on average
  • 50.44% of SEO professionals charge between U$75-150 per hour
  • The ones that consider themselves “freelancers” charge on average U$68 per hour
Average cost of SEO services per hour

Credit: Ahrefs

As we can see, SEO isn’t cheap (and most definitely isn’t free, although it is the digital marketing activity with the best return on investment).

How much do SEO services cost on Fiverr?

I was curious so I decided to do some “informal research”.

A few notes about my “methodology”:

  • Fiverr sellers can be rated as Top Rated, Level Two, Level One and New
  • A seller can also be a Fiverr Pro, which is a verified and vetted sellers
  • I analyzed the top 1,000 gigs for each rating and category (most sellers offer more than one type of gig)
  • I split the results into 4 categories:
    • SEO gigs in general
    • On-Page Optimization (gigs related to meta title & description, headers, alt text, etc)
    • Off-Page Optimization (gigs related to link building, off-page strategy, backlink analysis, etc)
    • Technical SEO (gigs related to SEO audits, sitemaps, schema markup, penalty removal, etc)
  • While I included both the median and the average (mean) costs when possible, we should all be aware that one is clearly better than the other 😉

Some highlights:

  • There are 25,382 gigs offering SEO-related services on Fiverr
  • They cost between U$5 and U$1,990
  • The median cost for top-rated SEO gigs is U$55
  • For new sellers, the median cost is just $15
  • You can find sellers from 100 different countries and gigs in 31 different languages

Cost Breakdown for SEO Services on Fiverr

According to seller rating. Costs in US dollars.

All SEO Gigs

ProTop RatedLevel TwoLevel OneNew

On-Page Optimization Gigs

ProTop RatedLevel TwoLevel OneNew

Off-Page Optimization Gigs

ProTop RatedLevel TwoLevel OneNew

Technical SEO Gigs

ProTop RatedLevel TwoLevel OneNew

Have you had any good (or bad) experiences with SEO on Fiverr?

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